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Can Nostr Fix Social Media?

At this point in time, I don’t think anyone could seriously deny that social media is broken. I discussed it on Corporate-owned Social Media and the Fediverse and Follow what’s relevant FOR YOU. I recommend watching Max deMarco’s documentary Social Media is Broken: can We Fix It?

I thought the Fediverse was the way to solve this and posted a brief tutorial showing How to Connect your WordPress Site to the Fediverse, but it looks like Nostr may actually be better. Mastodon and others are a step in the good direction but still have issues that this new protocol seems to fix: user identities controlled by third parties, issues with server permanence in time, etc. You can read about it on Why isn’t Mastodon good enough?

Nostr is not perfect and has potential issues like risks related to sharing the private key with clients, but it seems to make sense, and anything that moves away from Twitter (or X, or however it’s called today), Facebook, etc., is refreshing and worth a look.

To be honest, nowadays, I don’t have much to share on social media anyway. But that is an entirely different topic I’m sure nobody cares about, which I may or may not tackle at another time.

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