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Corporate-owned Social Media and the Fediverse

Corporate-owned social media became a toxic time-waster environment. Sad: I’ve had great conversations and enjoyed it for a long time. Now I barely post.

Facebook: one update from someone I know for every five ads, “suggested” content, or stupid “viral” videos I am not interested in. Instagram is the same thing; Twitter pretty much going the same route; even LinkedIn seems to go that way. They all push the user towards easy-to-consume banalities, and they all look more alike every day.

For years I’ve been recommending in pieces of training that people keep their own space (e.g. a blog), as we never know when this or that will disappear or will change in nature. That is more and more necessary every day.

Fortunately, the Fediverse exists. I’ve had a Mastodon account for some time, although I’ll be honest: I have never believed it could gain traction until recently. But I also realize that it doesn’t need to be massive: it only needs to be useful.

On another note, I just learned that I could connect this blog to the Fediverse. You should be able to find it by looking for javier@javierleiva.com. I also created a Friends page that is part of the same universe, where you can add your URL if you wish it. I’m still trying to understand how that all really works, so consider it an experiment.

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