Javier Leiva

Growing by Learning and Learning by Doing


Although I have abandoned like 99% of what used to be a prolific online public activity, mainly because of social media becoming a toxic environment, I have also been on and off testing some other platforms. One of them is Pixelfed, which is part of Fediverse and focuses on visual content. It feels like old social media, with no stupid sales pitches and overall aggressiveness. And even if it’s visually closer to Instagram, I’d say I have more of a Flickr feel when I use it.

So, as I have lately found that whenever I am inclined to share something, it is usually a picture, I will try to stick with it for some time and see how it works for me. If it doesn’t, well… who cares? I’ll just stop sending stuff to it, and nobody will miss it. 🙂

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