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Fresh Air

This post is a brief celebration. Not a big one, because there are still eleven active wildfires in Oregon (plus a lot of others in neighbor states), but a celebration anyway. When we woke up today, Bend had a 434 AQI (hazardous), but it dropped to 25 (good) in the evening. It looks like we survived the smoke apocalypse, after all. YAY!

I can’t even believe it, and I am very much looking forward to going for a run tomorrow morning and have a deep breath of fresh air.

A positive thing out of this experience: I’ve discovered a great blog about weather and climate issues that I want to recommend: Cliff Mass Weather Blog. Mass predicted what was going to happen today and explained why smoke is so hard to predict.

Update (9/19/2020): I went for that run first thing in the morning. It felt so good! I took a picture in the same place I took another one three days ago when we were better after having stayed above the 500s for a few days. It was the planet Earth again, today. Here are the two pictures put together:

Update (9/20/2020): it was cloudy yesterday. As it was beautifully sunny during my new morning run, I couldn’t resist creating another picture. Here it is!

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