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A Dead Whale in the Oregon Coast

A dead whale washed up on the Oregon coast in Warrenton only a few days ago (more information on Statesman Journal). I’m not happy about the whale, but it turns out I had a trip to Seaside this weekend, and this was a massive opportunity that I couldn’t let go of. I just had to go and see it firsthand.

The little adventure was even more adventurous than I expected because I had to drive in the sand for about 3 miles (and then 3 miles back) to get where the whale was. I had never driven on a beach and wasn’t sure it was a good idea. But it all went well even though the tide started rising while I was there, and the car had its first bath in the ocean. Fortunately, it was only the tires.

Here is the track of the way back from the whale to the Sunset Beah Parking Lot. The pictures I took of the whale are available on Pixelfed, but here is one of them:

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