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The Prosci Adkar Model for Change Facilitation

Pamela Witter delivered one of the 2020 CEhp Fundamentals 101 webinars yesterday. The webinar title was Building Change Thinking into Healthcare CE Programming, and it was full of good ideas.

One of the tools that I found more useful was the ADKAR Model for facilitating change. Jeff Hiatt, the founder of Prosci, developed this model, which is simple but practical.

ADKAR stands for:

  • Awareness: do you know if a change is needed, and WHY?
  • Desire: being aware of WHY making that change WILL HELP YOU is the only way to want it.
  • Knowledge: do you know HOW to make the change?
  • Ability: are you ABLE to do it, considering the answer to the previous question?
  • Reinforcement: once done, how able will you to MAINTAIN the new situation?

Pamela shared an ADKAR Assessment template that helps analyze each of these elements and score it from 1 to 5. The elements with the lower scores are the barriers you need to overcome to make the change possible. In the image below, the person is lacking the necessary knowledge to make the change. The solution? Acquiring more knowledge 🙂

Author: Pamela Witter

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