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Smoke Apocalypse in Oregon

The fires keep burning Oregon, but fortunately for us, they have not reached Bend so far. The forecast says we are in extreme danger, though. Let’s hope for the best.

But as it was expected, we have been under a heavy smokey condition since Friday. I am inside, wearing a mask, and my eyes burn. Doors and windows are closed, but we can still feel the smoke it’s finding its way to sneak inside.

As of now, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Bend is 408. We reached 529 the two previous days, and it will rise again this evening. Everything above 300 is considered hazardous, and the scale stops at 500, so we have been off the charts for more than two days. We’ll be there again most of the time, at least until next Tuesday. Holy cow! Of course, there is nowhere we can go to breathe some clean air. Everywhere in the State of Oregon is the same, and we wouldn’t even be able to run away by air because all the Redmond flights are canceled.

2020 is a year of learning to put it in some way. We’ve known about infection rates and other pandemic concepts we had never heard of before COVID-19 came to our lives. Now I see myself continually checking the AQI recordsfire perimeter maps, satellite images, etc. Crazy.

On Friday, I put on a mask and went for a short drive. I wanted to take some pictures and shoot a couple of videos. You can see a selection below. Being from Osona, I am used to foggy weather; made of burned trees, wildlife, and structures, not that much, though.

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