Javier Leiva

Growing by Learning and Learning by Doing



I was born and grew up in Catalonia and moved with my family to the US in 2019. We live in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

I am curious, skeptical, kind of a rational idealist (if that makes sense). I tend to push myself toward new goals and dreams. I believe new challenges drive to learning, and learning is growth.

I exercise (running, tennis, hiking) and travel whenever possible (37 visited countries so far, woohoo!). I love reading, writing, learning about new tech tools, or experimenting with photography and video, among other things. I prefer silence rather than noise.

Professionally, I currently am Medical Librarian at St. Charles Health System and Executive Administrator at Camp Fire Central Oregon. I’m also a Qualified Health Care Interpreter and Translator.


This blog is a place to help me think by writing. I can also use it to record things I’ve done, I am doing, or plan to do. Maybe sometimes I will post some fun stuff, or I won’t.

As a general idea, don’t expect consistency or anything in particular. The topics can be professional or not. Only one thing is for sure: all opinions are my own and not the views of my employers.

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