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Google has finally made the creation of classes on Classroom available for everybody. I have been testing it and looks good. It’s simple but powerful, specially if you also take full advantage of the other Google tools.

Testing is good, but I want to try Google Classroom for real. That’s the reason I’m offering a free learning experience for anyone interested. Are you planning a vacation? Maybe you have small savings and want to know how to make the most out of them while traveling. Do you want to learn tips and tricks that help you organize the best possible trip? Sign up to Organizing a trip (community of learning) and let’s work together on it for three weeks.

I say learning experience and community of learning instead of course because this is the way learning should be nowadays. I am an experienced traveler and have a good knowledge about the topic (by the way, check out my new blog Viaje.Scribe), but I don’t want just to be a teacher in front of a bunch of students. The experience will be better if I am the guide who starts introducing every topic, giving guidelines and advice and proposing activities and debates, but then allowing everyone take part as an equal and be teacher and student at the same time.

This is the structure I’ve prepared:

  1. Traveling: documents needed
  2. Flight tickets
  3. Looking for accommodation
  4. Transportation
  5. Health and insurances
  6. Other practical issues

This community of learning will take place from April 24 to May 12, 2017. Are you interested and have a Gmail account? Then you just have to sign up. It’s free!

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