How I create instructional materials

Some days ago I closed a deal to create two different instructional materials for an university master’s degree. One of them is going to be in a traditional format (text with a few images, about 40 pages long…), while the other one will be a website or a directory (we still have to make the decision on this).

When I start working on something like that, I always try to follow the same procedure to ensure everything will go as smoothly as possible. The product creation, the relationship with the client and my work process (I’m talking about the technical process, not the economic aspect). It looks like this:


The client and I have to agree on how the product will be, how long will the creation process last and how are we going to work together. It’s very important that we do this right and make sure we are all in the same page from the beginning.

Planning and structure

I start working on the product. After the previous phase we knew the type of material I was going to create, but now I need to come up with something more specific. It’s part of the creation process and allows the client be more sure it will fulfill its needs. After we confirm this, the next phase starts.

Content creation

I create a first draft, the client reviews it and we keep working on it as we agreed at the beginning of the project. When the work is done, a new instructional material is born 😉


I deliver the product, the client uses it and everybody is happy.

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