Course about video and the use of Youtube in professional projects

I recently finished a course for the COBDC about the video format, and more specifically about its use in the Youtube environment and related to the Booktube movement. In fact, the course title was Vull ser booktuber! (I want to be a booktuber!)

The course was developed face-to-face, in two working sessions and focused on the following topics:

  • Booktubers and video reviews: what are we talking about?
  • Booktubers: best practices.
  • Preparing a video: the script, composition, technical components needed.
  • Notions of video editing and publishing.

We left three weeks between the two sessions to allow the students create their first videos (I also set up an online site where they could share materials, doubts, ideas…).

We started the second and last session watching and commenting the videos they had created and published in their Youtube accounts. Then, they worked collaboratively and created some other videos from scratch: some of them worked on the video itself while the others created titles, images, credits, etc. In the end, we edited everything and uploaded the final results to Youtube.

I am delighted with this experience, and I believe the goal of developing a practical yet solid course was achieved. The participants were capable of creating good products without the need of using expensive resources. From there, I think the secret is to keep practicing and trying new ideas to improve the results over time.

Below you can watch two videos created during the last session (the audio is not perfect because I forgot the micro at home: too bad!):

I end this post thanking the interest and effort to all the students (12 people) and COBDC for organizing the course. It’s a great pleasure working with people so involved 🙂

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