How I can help you

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How I can help you

I am always learning new ways in which digital tools allow people achieve their goals (in work, education, even in personal life). Then, I use this acquired knowledge to help individuals and organizations professionally. I have experience working with many different digital tools, and I am a Google Certified Educator.


Online, blended or face-to-face instruction

Often called courses, I prefer using the learning communities expression. I design learning programs in which the student takes an active and leading role in the learning process right from the beginning. People learn by doing, and the goal of training is not keeping the students busy but giving them the tools and strategies to take the most out of their time.

Practical workshops

We can choose one or several tools that will help you or your team achieve your goals. I will prepare an experience that allows working on it and learn from the practice. We can also set a period during which I will follow-up your progression and help you with your doubts.

Talks and presentations

I can speak at your event, or we can schedule a private session. The topic can be general (how digital technology helps in the professional or educative world), or a more particular one. Let’s see what you need!


That’s an excellent choice if you need to focus on particular topics or tools. I will prepare the session and the support materials, and the recording will be available for you after.

Google for Education implementation in educational centers

Google Classroom and Google for Education tools are excellent choices (besides, for free) for schools to improve their student’s educational experience through the use of technology. I can help at all levels: planning, configuration, methodologies, teacher training, etc.

Instructional materials and other information products

I can create instructional materials or another kind of information products: texts, videos, graphic material, mind maps… tell me what you need, and I will say if I can do it. My goal is that the product always fits the client needs, and all the creative process is done transparently and in contact with them.

If you want to read more precisely about this, you can check my post How I create instructional materials.

Also available in | También disponible en: Español